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    For humans, this was the name given to the Sons of Gods. However, they were simply very powerful beings. Excelling in the art of combat, they have unparalleled strength and healing. They look human with some minimal unusual features at some areas of their body, such as eyes in a strange color or birth mark resembling a tatoo.
    They will always be the first ones to stand and fight, it boils their blood when a fight is brewing.

    Not really the half bull half human creatures, but close. They are the goats, bulls, sheeps...any bovine and human hybrids are called minotaurs.
    They are normally sweet and very loyal but they can be quick to anger. Once you pissed a Minotaur off, you'd best hope they can't find where you hide, they will pusue you until their rage diminishes. They do not strategize, they run in the battle head first. They cannot be stopped once they start rampaging.

    Probaly the most easily recognized and the one species that is still common amongst the legends of men, Angels are actually hybrids between men and birds.
    They are the most relatable to men. They do not have any traits of personnally that is very different from them, except their over active hormones. Angels are prone to sex. They want it all the time. For some it is controllable, for others, they live for it.


    They are practically the same as Angels, however they tend to be more devious. Some have a darker skin tone, greyish, black while others have pure white skin. Their eyes aren't normally a natural color, but they wear contacts to hide in public. Also, compared to the feathery wings of the Angels, the either have skined or furry wings. Some even have a forked tail. They too want sex most of the time...if mixed with blood and violence.

    They are those who live under the sea.
    Part human, part fish, they can live both in water and on earth, however, they must return to the sea once in a while so they don't dehydrate.
    They are perticularly attracted to jewels and gold. They are often found to be naive.

    They call themselves that. They represent all the hybrids between human and animals such as cats, dogs and monkeys. They are different from the Angels and the Minotaurs as they only have the ears and tails of their animal side. The Kindred can only go to extremes in their emotions. either they are happy or sad. Pissed or playful. They are never in between.

    As their name implies, they are the ones who are either fused with dragons or born with a dragon. They are powerful when it comes to magic. Their physical strength is also impressive, more so than Nephilim, however they don't use it as often.
    They are known to be the wisest since they loveto read and study. They don't need to write notes down because their memory is outstanding. They live at their own pace since their lifespan is close to immortallity.


    Not much to say about Elves. They are as the legends depict them, tall, thin and graceful. Men are easily mistaken for females because of their soft features. They are excellent blacksmiths and very studious, however, they don't like to share their knowledge.
    Selfish and proud, they tend to keep to themselves. Literally. They will avoid others if possible, that includes people of the same race. Their magic is good and equal to their magic, but they will often look down on their opponenet or even deny a battle if they don't see the other as someone lower than theirselves. Which is everyone.

    iries:They are also as legends portraits them, however, they can chose weither they are tall or three inches tall. They can have both butterfly features and dragonfly features. They are playful and love to play pranks.

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