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    Last name: Centary
    First name: Illia
    Age: 20 years old
    Sex: woman
    Sexuality: Straight

    1- Divine flame (fire)
    2- Divine light (healing)
    3- Flight
    Weapon of choice: --

    Physical description: Being partly fused with Cyrus, the red pigment of her hair has gone white and horns now grow on either sides of her head. Her usually green eyes have turned golden. She is petite but she can still handle all her training. Of course, she cannot leave the academy, she cannot hide this form she has gained. She only wears light clothing, being in physical contact, as close as possible with Cyrus is important to her. However, Cyrus likes shiny things and she is forced to wear golden jewelry to make him happy.

    Psychological description: She is shy and would rather stay alone with Cyrus rather than with others. She has no other friends, she trusts nobody after what happened in her childhood. She can be mistaken as an airhead, only she is simply a dreamer, she prefers to look at the sky and fly with Cyrus rather than study or stay cooped up indoors.

    Story: At my birth, doctors didn't know what to do. On one side, I was born a healthy young lady, on the other, I had a very big lump in my back. With much deliberation and tests, they found that whatever was growing inside me, it was alive. They told my parents it could cause problems for my development and they agreed to the operation. However, what the doctors found threw them for a loop. The foreign thing growing inside me was a dragon. He was connected to every nerve in my body but they managed go extract him. Though that's when we both woke up. I screamed and held out my tiny arms towards him and he bit the doctor until he could snuggle against me. It was soon easy to see that we were only calm when we could be in eachother's presence. The doctors wanted to do some tests on the dragon, but a man showed up one day. Time had stopped as he walked towards me and Cyrus. We stayed close together as the man with funny ears got closer and closer. When he was right in front of us, he knelt.

    "How would you like to go where there are a lot of others like you? A big school where people won't look at you as if you're odd. Where you, and Cyrus, can fly freely."

    That's how I ended up being erased from the human world and brought to Legendia.


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