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    The Story...

    Post by Illia on Wed 6 Jan - 22:29

    Many stories passed from generation to generation seem to be just that; Stories. But some, lost in those books or legends are tales of truth. Myths of creatures from the deep sea, or high above the clouds. Creatures that light up children's imaginations and bring fear to their dreams. These creatures live. They are not myths, legends or fairytales. They live amongst humans. They could be your neighbor or your boyfriend. They could even be your pet dog or cat. The reason why they have not been seen is because they are not allowed to be seen.

    Many, many years ago, back when the greeks were still in power and Gods still had sway over their people, a war broke out between humans. Since these creatures were known to men back then, they were asked to fight as well, being much stronger than the weaker beings, this would tip the balance for whoever had the most powerful being.
    However, some of these creatures saw theirs brethren get slaughtered, used by humans while these stood back and watched. Insulted by this cowardly action, they stood against their own people. They were the strongest so their people were forced to hear their plea.

    "We are brothers! Why must we fight the human's fight? Why sacrifice ourselves as they stand behind and watch in safety? This is not our war. Step down my brothers! My sisters! Let the humans deal with their own problems! We will not fight for you anymore!"

    After those words were spoken, the beings looked around and noticed the truth. The one who had stood up against the humans had become a leader for them. His companions and himself formed the very first Council. At first, they were only there to make sure their kind was never used as weapons for humans again, but with time, they decided, they should all go into hidding. Humans were simply too greedy and selfish. They erased everything about their existence to the humans, down to the very memories they might have of them. They became Myths, Legends, Gods and Demons.
    However, they didn't want to leave the younger generations to wonder why they could not come out of hidding and expose themselves. So one of the Council members, the wisest one, decided to build a haven for the young ones. An academy to teach them to weild their powers and understand their history. A place where they can learn to be themselves without letting humans know what they are. This was also the home to those who could not hide what they were.
    Every sixteen year old of their kind would receive a letter, an invitation to go to this Academy. And almost all of them will come with the idea of showing off their races strengths to everyone else.


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